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Accidents that result in injuries can happen at any time, but when your injuries are the result of another person’s negligence or carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation. The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. are dedicated to helping clients claim the maximum amount of compensation available. The firm has a long history of successful claims that have enabled countless clients to claim large monetary settlements.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim can be brought against a third party that caused your injuries due to negligence, carelessness, or misconduct. To be eligible for compensation, your injuries must be a direct result of an accident that was caused by the misjudgment, inattention, or laxity of another party.

Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, or those engaging in reckless behavior behind the wheel can cause serious and even fatal injuries. These injuries may require extensive medical interventions including surgery, prescription medications, and ongoing physical or cognitive therapy. The costs from this type of accident can be devastating to a victim and their family.

Slips, trips, and falls are common, but when a person is injured because another party failed to provide a safe environment that is reasonably free from hazards, the victim may have a valid injury claim. Uneven sidewalks, icy or snow-covered pavement, potholes in parking lots, or poorly lit walkways can result in broken bones, head injuries, and spinal damages. When these conditions are present due to negligence, the property owner may be liable for resulting injuries.

Recovering the Compensation You Need

Medical expenses, prescription medications, cognitive and physical therapy, and lost wages can quickly deplete a family’s finances, threatening them with the loss of their home or significantly reducing their quality of life. Financial compensation can enable victims to focus on their recovery without the worry that comes from the financial consequences of an injury.

Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit can also claim damages for emotional pain, suffering, and even future lost wages that they could have earned had the injury not happened. Evidence is crucial. A qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to gather the medical records and other pertinent information necessary to claim the maximum amount of compensation available.

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“Dear Mr. Linker: Thank you for taking my case and getting me the settlement you did. To think that I might have forfeited that sum of money if you hadn’t had your website out there, educating me on what I was entitled to for my injuries under the Defense Base Act. Certainly, neither my employer nor the insurance company…”


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“I’m happy to report, that once again we have prevailed in an unjust firing at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Arbitrator Richard Kasher ruled on August 31st that the employer did not have good and reasonable cause to demote, and then terminate sports columnist Stephen A. Smith in January of 2008.

Bill Ross

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Paul Himmel is an outstanding attorney who from the moment I met him made me feel at ease with my situation. I was very nervous throughout this process and Paul and his team ensured I was able to relax and clearly understand the objective at hand. With this being my first time in such a position…


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