Gathering Evidence After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be extraordinarily stressful and confusing. Nevertheless, victims need to think about the long-term after the collision. Even if those involved seem to be okay after the crash, it is important to always gather documentation. Why? Any accident scene evidence collected could be valuable, especially if the at-fault driver’s insurance refuses to cover the victim’s medical bills or property damage, or if victims require expensive medical treatment. Under those circumstances, having information on hand could mean the difference between getting a higher insurance settlement amount or being saddled with debts and other problems.

Taking Pictures

Most people have cell phones on them at all times, making it easy to take pictures of the scene. Victims and witnesses can and should use their cell phones after an accident to take photographs and video of what happened. Photographs should be clear and give a good indication of everything from the accident location to the vehicle damage. While not all pictures will be used by an insurance adjuster or in a personal injury case, the more that are taken, the better.

Getting Witness Information

Sometimes, witnesses either experienced the accident as passengers or watched it take place. Collecting names of those witnesses, as well as their contact information, is critical. Usually, police will take statements from at least some witnesses, but that does not mean they will speak to everyone who saw the crash. Having witnesses can make a significant difference if an insurance carrier refuses to cover an accident and a victim must seek other ways to recover damages. For instance, car accident attorneys can contact all the witnesses when building a lawsuit.

Copying Medical-Related Items

Victims of a car crash who require any kind of medical treatment should take pictures of their injuries, if suitable. They should also keep clean, easy-to-read copies of all records related to their medical conditions. This may include doctors’ charts, invoices, and financial statements. These items can help provide clear-cut evidence of a victim’s damages.

Obtaining Work-Related Evidence

An individual who loses time from work because of injuries sustained during a car accident should ask for a written employer statement. The statement can become an invaluable way to show exactly how much work was lost because of the negligence or choices of an at-fault driver.

Recovering Police Reports

Many victims of car crashes do not realize that police reports taken on the scene are considered public records. As such, they can be retrieved by any citizen. If the police are on hand at a car accident, they will write up a report. Their report is an official document, so it is important for victims to get copies and read them. If they notice discrepancies, inconsistencies or errors in the police reports, they should talk to a legal representative about the best way to proceed.

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