Ignition Interlock Devices Present New Dangers

Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) are in-car breathalyzer systems that prevent motorists convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) from turning on their vehicle. The benefits of keeping drunk drivers off the roads is invaluable, but the danger-averting technology has come under fire for presenting a different risk to road users. Drivers who attempt to use the IIDs while their vehicle is in motion run the risk of having their attention diverted from the task at hand, opening the possibility of an accident.

What are IIDs?

The IID system keeps drivers from operating their vehicle if a certain level of alcohol is detected on their breath. The device involves a handheld breath-collection unit that is connected to a lockout system on the car’s ignition. Many states have instituted programs that mandate that, in order to regain driving privileges, drivers convicted of serious DUI charges must agree to have an IID system installed on their vehicle. The systems require drivers to submit a breath sample to operate the car.

Rolling Retests

Drivers are also subject to testing to keep the car in operation throughout the entire drive. Rolling retests require drivers to submit a breath sample or risk the car shutting down and stranding them. The rolling retests are intended to prevent the driver from drinking while driving or having a friend provide a clean breath sample to start the car, which could allow them to drive despite their intoxicated condition.

The retests are random but will give the driver warning that a breath sample is due. If the test is not taken in a timely fashion, the system engages the car’s lights and horn to provide further warning before it finally shuts down the engine. While proponents of the system say there is plenty of time for drivers to pull off the road to take the test, many argue that drivers may find themselves in areas where pulling over presents its own danger. Despite safety instructions to pull over to take the retest, drivers overwhelmingly opt to continue driving.

Driver Distraction

As drivers attempt to take the retests, they must take their eyes off the road to find the handheld breath-collection apparatus and give a strong and sustained breath for results to register. These actions can be a dangerous recipe for a distracted driving accident.

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